Welcome to Intel DUO, Providing Reliable Hosting Solutions

Welcome to Intel DUO

Dedicated Servers

Mobilize the power of single-tenant non-virtualized
hardware with the elegance of Intel DUO's cloud
orchestration platform.

Staring PKR41500

Intel DUO Dedicated Plans

Bare Metal grants you access to the underlying physical servers. Featuring no virtualization layer and a single-tenant environment, these servers can power even the most resource intensive workloads.

CPU Memory HardDrive RAID Bandwidth Uplink /Monthly
E3-1270v6 4Core 8 Threads @3.8 Ghz 32GB 2 x 240GB SSD RAID 1 5 TB /Month 10Gbe Ethernet PKR 41500 Order

Experience The Intel DUO Features
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Free Migration

Want to transfer your existing server to Intel DUO? It’s simple and it’s free. With zero additional charges to set up or install your Operating System (OS), you won’t find hidden costs with us.

Airtight Security

Feel extra secure thanks to a private peering network, which provides you with stable connectivity for any website or application you may be running. Under Complete Server Management, our technicians will routinely monitor to check for any server issues.

Our Optimized Network

Forget costly downtime or slow loading speeds. Your Dedicated Server operates on a separate Cisco/Juniper-powered network that’s connected to Level3, Highwinds, HE, Cogent, and Integra, ready to handle any incoming traffic.

Server Management Options

Manage your Dedicated Server exactly how you like. With three management options to choose from (User-Responsible, Basic or Complete), you decide how much control you want.

All Plans Included

We preinstall and maintain all the software you need on your server.

  • WHM & cPanel
  • 5 Free Dedicated IPs
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Private DNS Server Setup
  • SSH Access
  • IP Tables Firewall
  • 5/7/8 PHP Versions
  • Apache/Nginx & CentOS
  • MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL

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